December 4, 2023

Best Laminate Flooring To Buy

One of the key factors to consider is the laminate’s AC (Abrasion Class) rating. AC ratings range from AC1 to AC5, with AC1 being the lightest and AC5 being the most heavy-duty. For most residential applications, an AC3 or AC4 rated laminate should suffice, as these are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. However, for high-traffic commercial spaces or homes with active households and pets, it’s advisable to invest in an AC4 or even AC5-rated laminate for added durability.

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Best Laminate Flooring To Buy

Another crucial consideration is the design and texture of the laminate. Laminate flooring comes in a wide array of patterns that mimic the look of wood, stone, tile, and more. Some laminates even feature embossed textures that mimic the feel of real wood or stone. Choose a design that complements your interior style and personal preference. Additionally, consider the thickness of the laminate planks. Thicker laminate (typically 12mm or greater) tends to be more stable and sound-absorbent, offering a more comfortable and solid underfoot feel.

The Best Laminate Flooring Options in 2023

The installation method can impact your choice. Laminate flooring is available in various installation types, including click-lock, glue-down, and loose-lay. Click-lock systems are the most DIY-friendly, as they require no adhesive and can be installed over a variety of subfloor types. Glue-down installations provide a more permanent and stable solution but may require professional installation.

Loose-lay systems offer flexibility and are easy to replace, making them a suitable choice for temporary spaces. Ultimately, the best laminate flooring to buy depends on your specific needs and preferences, so it’s essential to weigh these factors carefully to make an informed decision that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your living space.

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Laminate flooring is an affordable and stylish option for updating the look of your home. It can be installed quickly and easily, and is practically maintenance-free. It also resists scratches, dents, and staining. When choosing laminate flooring for your home, it is important to consider the type of laminate, installation method, and warranty. This guide will help you find the best laminate flooring to buy to suit your needs and budget.

Types of Laminate Flooring

There are three main types of laminate flooring: high pressure laminate (HPL), direct pressure laminate (DPL), and low pressure laminate (LPL). HPL is the most durable type of laminate and is ideal for high traffic areas such as entryways and hallways. It is made with a fiberglass core and thick melamine wear layer that resists scratches, dents, and staining. DPL is a less expensive option than HPL, but still provides a quality flooring solution that is easy to install. It has a thin melamine wear layer that can be easily scratched or stained. LPL is the least expensive option, but does not provide the same durability as HPL or DPL. It has a thin melamine wear layer that can be easily damaged by water or other liquids.

Installation Method

The installation method for laminate flooring will depend on the type of flooring you choose. Most HPL and DPL are designed for “floating” installation—meaning they are not attached to the subfloor with nails or glue. Instead, they are installed over a thin foam underlayment that cushions the floors and absorbs sound. LPL, however, may require adhesive or nails for installation. It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing any type of laminate flooring.


When selecting laminate flooring for your home, it is important to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties that cover defects in materials or workmanship. Some warranties may also include coverage for accidental damage such as scratches or dents caused by pets or furniture. Be sure to read all warranty information carefully so you know what type of coverage you will receive if something goes wrong with your floors.


Q: How long does it take to install laminate flooring?

A: The time it takes to install laminate flooring varies depending on the size of the area being covered and the type of flooring being installed. Generally speaking, it should take no more than one day to install a typical room-sized area (200 – 400 square feet).

Q: Can I install laminate flooring over existing floors?

A: Yes, in most cases you can install laminate flooring over existing floors as long as they are in good condition with no major cracks or damage. You may need to use an underlayment such as foam or cork to ensure a smooth surface before laying down the laminate planks.

Q: Is laminate flooring durable?

A: Yes, laminate flooring is very durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. It is also resistant to scratches and stains, making it an ideal choice for busy households with children or pets. However, it is important to note that not all types of laminate are created equal—HPL offers the highest level of durability while LPL provides less protection against wear and tear.

Q: Does laminate flooring require maintenance?

A: Laminate flooring requires minimal maintenance—simply sweeping regularly to remove dirt and dust particles will keep your floors looking their best. For deeper cleaning, use a damp mop or cloth with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the finish on your floors.


Laminate flooring is an affordable and stylish way to update any room in your home—it’s easy to install and requires minimal maintenance once it’s laid down. Before selecting a type of laminate for your home,