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Fosroc Epoxy Flooring

It's flawless in addition to non porous, staying away from any sort of bacterial growth or mould on it. The advantage of making use of epoxy flooring is that whenever you utilize epoxy, you could be assured that you're making use of a product which is going to give the flooring of yours greater power and resilience. It is very easy to use as well as has virtually no maintenance.

Images about Fosroc Epoxy Flooring

Fosroc Epoxy Flooring

But there are many sorts of epoxy, and your choice must be based on the amount of traffic passes on the flooring of yours from day to day, just how frequently you'll have to touch up, not to mention, the price of each feature. When you use epoxy flooring for those tough areas, you are able to rest certain that not simply will the surface look great for a period of time, but will take wear as well as tear like no other flooring material.

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Epoxy flooring is made of polymer materials will begin the lives of theirs as a liquid and subsequently may be transformed into a strong polymer by way of a a chemical reaction. The Interactive Designer application on these web sites is in addition a terrific resource to complement up base coats and flooring flecks. This means that designers can select a color which compliments, contrasts, or even highlights the area they are reinventing.

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Fosroc Nitoflor FC150 HP Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating

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Fosroc Nitoflor FC150 applied using WAGNER SF31 – 1100 sqm in 2h30

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Industrial Flooring Services u0026 Solutions Fosroc


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Introduction to Fosroc Epoxy Flooring

Fosroc epoxy flooring is a highly durable and cost-effective solution for surfacing a wide range of industrial and commercial floors. Whether it’s a warehouse, workshop, showroom or office environment, Fosroc epoxy flooring delivers a hard-wearing, seamless finish that can withstand the toughest of conditions. With its superior performance and unbeatable value, Fosroc epoxy flooring is the ideal choice for any business looking to protect its floors from wear and tear.

What Is Fosroc Epoxy Flooring?

Fosroc epoxy flooring is a two-component system consisting of an epoxy resin and a hardener. When mixed together, these components form a strong bond that creates a durable surface that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and other forms of wear and tear. The surface can be finished with a variety of colours and finishes to create the desired aesthetic.

Benefits of Fosroc Epoxy Flooring

Fosroc epoxy flooring offers a number of benefits to businesses. Firstly, it is highly durable and can withstand heavy use over an extended period of time. It also provides excellent resistance to chemicals, oil, grease and other contaminants. Another major benefit is that it is easy to clean and maintain, requiring only regular sweeping and mopping with warm water and detergent.

In addition, Fosroc epoxy flooring is extremely cost-effective when compared to other types of industrial flooring systems. It requires minimal preparation before installation, meaning it can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to business operations. Lastly, it can be customised with various colours and finishes to suit the aesthetic of any business or environment.

Common Questions about Fosroc Epoxy Flooring

Q: How long does Fosroc epoxy flooring last?

A: Fosroc epoxy flooring is designed for long-term use, with an expected lifetime of 10-15 years or more depending on the conditions in which it is used.

Q: What type of maintenance does Fosroc epoxy flooring require?

A: To keep your Fosroc epoxy floor looking its best, it should be regularly swept or vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. Once a week or so, the surface should be mopped with warm water and detergent to keep it clean and hygienic.

Q: Is Fosroc epoxy flooring resistant to chemicals?

A: Yes, Fosroc epoxy flooring is resistant to most common chemicals such as oils, greases and solvents.

Q: Can Fosroc epoxy flooring be customised?

A: Yes, Fosroc epoxy flooring can be customised with various colours and finishes to suit any environment or aesthetic.


Fosroc epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for businesses looking for an economical yet highly durable flooring solution. It is easy to install and maintain, while providing superior protection against wear and tear as well as chemical spills. With its superior performance and unbeatable value, Fosroc epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for any business looking for an effective way to protect their floors.