April 12, 2024

Distressed Maple Hardwood Flooring

The greater this surface contamination is left on the floor, the more deeply embedded the trash becomes and this will cause more damage to the finish. You want the floors to be at a proper moisture level for your home/interior climate that is commonly between 6-9 % moisture content. Other trash and dust on the surface of hardwood flooring gets ground directly into the finish, and this brings about floors to dull over time.

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Distressed Maple Hardwood Flooring

The product has the organic characteristics with the selected wood species rather than a photographic level. Hardwood floors have lots of advantages, for example the additional value to your house, the straightforward care and cleaning, the good design mixed with durability as well as they are safe and natural for the earth.

Maple Latte – Distressed – Garrison Collection Products

Of the finishing process, engineered hardwood is actually relieved with a UV light. It's really important to note that not all engineered items have the same type of installation specifications. Incomplete hardwoods are actually a tad inexpensive to purchase and it takes quick sanding, recommended staining, and sealing following installation, which will require you no less than 48 hours for your sealant to dry out.

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