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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

When it comes to floors, polished concrete floors are materials which are excellent, which are more ordinarily used. The fact is: concrete comes pre-installed in most homes, because many houses are crafted on concrete slabs. The time it takes to complete the setting up of a concrete floor is actually based on how big or tiny the floor area is actually.

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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

Once we think of concrete flooring, we often think of those boring basement floors a dreary gray-ish color without any pattern or design. This may end up saving you hours in labour and cleaning up expenses. And so, when you are in the market for flooring, recall concrete flooring isn't just superior to down in health advantages and temperature regulation, but also eco-friendly and highest in client satisfaction.

Perthu0027s Most Reliable Epoxy Flooring HAWK CFC

Each time you will undertake maintenance work for your polished concrete floors, you want spending merely a portion of money as in comparison to other flooring available choices. In domestic settings polished concrete floors are selected for the good looks of its, but in industrial situations it's preferred due to practicality; these floors are additionally very functional.

Hawk Research Labs Launches StoneTuff Concrete Coating Systems

Concrete Hawk Research Laboratories, LLC.

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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings – Flooring Contractor in Bellevue

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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

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Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings: Quality and Durability for any Surface

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings has been a leader in the industrial floor coatings industry for over forty years. Their products are designed for maximum durability, protection, and longevity, ensuring that your surface will remain safe and attractive for years to come. Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings provide a complete solution for any application, from concrete floors to garage floors, warehouses to showrooms. Whether you’re looking for a decorative epoxy coating or heavy-duty industrial flooring, Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings has you covered.

Types of Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings offer several different types of coatings to choose from, depending on the application and desired result. The most popular type of Hawk Concrete Floor Coating is their high-performance epoxy coating. This is a two-part system that combines a base coat with a topcoat to form a durable finish that can stand up to heavy traffic and wear. It is available in both solid colors and decorative flakes. Other types of coatings offered by Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings include polyaspartic coatings, which provide excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance; urethane coatings, which offer superior abrasion resistance; and acrylic coatings, which provide an economical solution for light traffic areas.

Benefits of Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings are designed to provide superior performance in a variety of applications. They offer excellent protection against stains, chemicals, abrasions, and wear, as well as superior adhesion to ensure that the coating remains in place for years to come. In addition, these coatings are extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, they offer an attractive finish that can be customized with different textures, colors, and designs to fit any décor.

Installation of Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings are easy to install, with minimal downtime required. Before installation, it is important to make sure the surface is properly prepared by cleaning it thoroughly and ensuring there are no cracks or defects that need repair. Once the surface is clean and ready for coating, the first step is to apply the base coat using a roller or sprayer. After allowing the base coat to dry fully, the second step is to apply the topcoat, again using either a roller or sprayer. Finally, it is important to allow the coating to cure fully before subjecting it to foot traffic or other wear and tear.

FAQs about Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings

Q: How long do Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings last?

A: Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings are designed for maximum durability and longevity, with many coatings providing up to 10 years of protection against wear and tear. However, this can vary depending on the type of coating chosen as well as the environment in which it is used.

Q: Are Hawk Concrete Floors slip resistant?

A: Yes! Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings are designed with an anti-slip formula that helps reduce slippage when walking on wet surfaces. Additionally, many of their topcoats also contain non-skid additives for extra protection against slipping hazards.

Q: Do I need special tools or equipment to install Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings?

A: No special tools or equipment are needed for installation; however, it is important to have proper safety gear such as goggles and masks if you plan on spraying the coating onto the surface. Additionally, a roller or brush may be used for larger areas or tight corners where a sprayer cannot reach.

Q: Are Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings environmentally friendly?

A: Yes! All of their products are VOC compliant and meet all local environmental regulations. Additionally, Hawk offers water-based products which emit fewer toxins than solvent-based products.


Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings offer an ideal solution for any application requiring durable protection and attractive aesthetics. Their high-performance epoxy coatings provide superior protection