June 24, 2024

Why Cork Flooring

But, you need to understand the reason why cork is the perfect material for flooring. This is due to the natural attractiveness of cork. Cork floors are built with bark coming from the cork oak tree, a renewable learning resource that's harvested without hurting the environment. It is particularly helpful to use it in an area where a lots of standing occurs.

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Why Cork Flooring

The procedure for harvesting the bark is actually innocuous to the cork oak tree and actually leaves it intact. This gives cork extremely durability given it can soak up impacts, shocks and other kinds of physical abuse. Whenever we think of wood staying harvested for wood floors we think of great organizations coming out and distinct cutting huge forests.

Cork Flooring: What Are the Pros u0026 Cons?

Commercially used cork is harvested from the cork oak tree. The process itself is completely innocuous to the cork oak tree. The objective of ours is usually to educate you on APC Cork's product and enable you to determine if this's the proper cork based floor for you. You will additionally want to value the price of this particular product between various vendors & contractors.

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