May 22, 2024

Wicanders Cork Flooring Maintenance

Even though cork is actually made with a woody material, it's not as easily damaged by changes in moisture as hardwood or bamboo. Thanks to tiny honeycomb air loaded cells in deep cork material's cellular composition its amazingly comfy. Wait, you might be wondering the way you are able to have something durable and comfy at the same time.

Images about Wicanders Cork Flooring Maintenance

Wicanders Cork Flooring Maintenance

There is a range of styles, textures and patterns for the household to choose one which fits their taste. Since cork flooring costs roughly the same as a hardwood floors, but is actually cheaper compared to bamboo flooring, you will want to protect the investment of yours. This type of floor may be installed over different kinds of existing sub floors like wood, vinyl, concrete, etc.

Wicanders Cork GO

One of the initial benefits cork flooring offers is the excellent appearance of its. This means the same cork oak tree can be harvested again and again without having it currently being cut down. As you are able to see this is a green flooring information, that has material that is normal renewable.

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