February 2, 2023

Cork Floor Varnish

The process of harvesting the bark is harmless to the cork oak tree and leaves it intact. This offers cork extremely durability due to the fact it is able to absorb impacts, shocks and other kinds of abuse that is physical. Once we think of wood being harvested for wood floor surfaces we think of huge organizations coming out and clear cutting large forests.

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Cork Floor Varnish

This particular waxy compound occurs naturally in cork, and it is quite natural that this chemical should shield cork floors via rotting when damp for a quite a while. Cork floors may be bought finished or un-finished with numerous colors to pick from. Nevertheless, before one fully appreciates cork as being a floor information, one need to realize what this material cork is and what causes it to be special.

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Unlike hardwood flooring that involves deforestation cork simply demands the removal of a layer of bark coming from the cork oak tree; together with the removal process actually leaves the tree itself unharmed. During the cork oak tree's lifecycle, the bark may be harvested up to twenty times. You'll be happy to know this is completely, 100 % an environmentally friendly flooring product. The cork is usually harvested after the tree is twenty five years of age.

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